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March 30, 2011

Chalkboard Paint Dreams

I always knew that once I had my own apartment, I would definitely have a chalkboard wall SOMEWHERE.  I considered just about every wall in my apartment, from behind my bed, to my doors, to the bathroom. 

One day the perfect idea dawned upon me - the kitchen.  My kitchen is small and narrow and there is no windows or natural light.  I thought a black wall would add depth and draw your eyes into the kitchen.  Although my parents didn't believe me that it would look great, I convinced my mom to spend the day with me and help get the job done.


{mom helping paint}

With the paint job half way done, I could already tell the impact the chalkboard wall would have.  It added a point of interest in the kitchen and brought color into washed out room.


I love it!  I like that I can write grocery lists, reminders, and to do lists (i love lists) on the wall and not misplace them.  I love that my friends can come over and leave me notes (or draw me incredible pictures), and i love that it ties the kitchen together.  The chalkboard paint went on really easily, although it did take two coats to get it even.  The chalk doesnt erase as easily as i thought (as you can see in the picture) but a damp washcloth clears it right off and brings it back to the dark grey color.  I had some sample paint that I used to paint the other walls in the kitchen, but after sitting on it for a while, I've decided the color is too pink and dusty, and I'll have to think of something else.

I was even able to change the minds of both my parents - they are now chalkboard paint fans as well!

March 28, 2011

I want MOR

Sometimes sweet things happen to me; kind of like this... A couple months ago my friend Maggie was visiting me in New York.  As usual, her lip gloss was poppin, and I wanted to hop on the train. It tasted good and most importantly, came in a pretty bottle I had never seen before:

I made a mental note to grab some for myself, and like most of my other mental notes, I quickly forgot about it.  A few weeks later, I received a birthday present from my favorite, cool, hip, knew-about-lululemon-years-before-it-was-cool, aunt:


I swear that lip delight is the only lip balm that actually works in the winter. It's like magic. and futher, it tastes soooooo good. Lick your lips good. The body butter is thick and does work on my elephant-like elbows.

Best of all, the packaging is so delightful that you feel expensive just having it on your vanity.  I'm a fan.
March 27, 2011


I always have been and always will be a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fan. I don't care how homeless they look or how small they are. Everything they do is cool in my books.

More specifically, Ashley RULEZ in this picture


I love her dress, clutch, hair, existence.

March 24, 2011

A Happy Grey

One thing my parents have taught me is how great an impact a coat of fresh paint can make in a room.  The day I got the keys to my apartment, my parents rushed in while I was at work and slapped on a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Not giving the color much thought, they used some leftover beige colored paint from our house in Jersey. As I am not quick to make commitments to pretty much anything, the beige stayed for a good 7 months, until I realized how much I hated the color. It worked well in our home in Jersey, but here, in an old apartment, the walls just looked straight up dirty. Once I realized I hated the color, the dirtier the walls began to look day after day, until I took the initiative to do something about it.

I tried to get a picture of the color before, but this is the best I could do
{beige walls}

I love cleanliness, and was inspired by images of homes with crisp greys and whites with pops of bold color. 

I didn't want to go too dark, since my apartment is a studio and essentially all one space. I originally invisioned a silvery grey that would really only show as grey when next to white. I spent some time at Benjamin Moore one Saturday and decided on this color:

Although the color was soothing, it was still basically white. I slept on the color for a few days (I had only painted one wall with the sample can of paint) and then decided I didn't like it and wanted something that looked like more of a color, and not a hazy white.

Unsatisfied with the color selections at Benjamin Moore, I went to Home Depot and came home with two Behr paint and primer samples.

{test swatches in the evening} 

{test swatches in the daylight}

I didn't want to make the same mistake again, so I decided to go with the darker grey, even though I was kind of nervous about it.


It took me two days, and then some help from my dad to unmount my TV and take down my curtain rods, but in the end, the hard work paid off. The apartment looks like a new place and it looks so "fresh" compared to the old beige.

 {next to my bed}

{hand painted tiles my parents brought back from their trip to Iran} 

{chandelier over my vanity}

I can't wait to see the contrast of new dark wood floors and crisp white molding with the grey walls. This weekend I plan on getting white frames for all my artwork and pictures I want to collage behind my kitchen table.
March 21, 2011


Just spent a perfect weekend in Atlanta with my favorite babes.
Couldn't have asked for better. Didn't want to come home. I'm ready to move, now.

{morningside drive}


{nail done, hair done, everything done}

{jerry wanting to remember this moment.. every  moment} 

 {yogli mogli overload}


 {took one sip of my bloody mary and then got distracted by a dog and spilled the whole thing}

 {pimento cheese}

 {reliving last night}

{sunday brunch} 

 {nail project}
 {smelly tree}

 {top ten worst hangovers of her life}

{outside time}

{the herd}

{my creation} 

 {orange stillman}

I am anxiously awaiting springtime here in smelly, dirty, no trees-with-flowers, NYC.