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December 20, 2010

A Dollhouse Christmas

Yesterday, I had my old roommates over for a very Dollhouse Christmas brunch!  Although we were missing a couple girls, it was great to catch up just the four of us.  I hadn't seen Elise in over a year!!  We got right to it and started off with bagels, a frittata, fruit, and candy cane martinis (we don't mess around, vodka before 12:00 is OK in our books).

{candy cane martini}

After we stuffed our faces and I had to unbutton my jeggings (yes, that happened), we exchanged presents and then began our elf work making gingerbread houses! 

{elise giddy over her glam bedroom candle} 

{trying on her new scarf}

{selfish gift: one you can use as well as the person receiving the gift}

Making gingerbread houses took a lot of effort and definitely was not easy (at least for Caitie and I). Even though our house came out the best- with shingles, christmas lights, and hedges leading up to the front door (hahaha), we ended up with a collapsed roof.  On that same note, Elise and Ali's houses didn't even make it onto the elevator before deteriorating.  I think it's safe to say none of us are architects...

 {the art major at work}

{elise's work in progress- obvi stole our shingle idea}

 {CH diligently working on our perfect house}

 {Ali's house before}

 {natural disaster caught on camera}
{making some big decisions}

 { "i love icing"}
 {elise's house}

{the best house}

 {complete with abominable snowman}

All in all it was a festive and fun Dollhouse reunion.  Definitely a yearly tradition.... different Christmas activity next year? I think yeesss.

December 15, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

I've been nesting, it's weird, I don't even know what nesting is. My latest project?  I decided that if I live in my own home and I am my own entity, then I should definitely send out my own Christmas cards! 

My initial idea was really cute.  It still is.  The execution wasn't the best, but hey, it's my first year.  I have hundred more years to practice, things can only look up next year.  I bought a really cute stamp set from Michaels last weekend with a full alphabet and a red and green ink pad (I have yet to clean out and move my craft box from NJ to NY).  My idea was to stamp different holiday sayings onto the cards - simple, red, green and white.  Sounds easy enough, right?


Things I learned about stamps:
1) You need to really ink up the stamp, don't skimp
2) Let the ink dry before moving on, or else you'll have ink all over your hands, as well as all over the card
3) Make sure you clean the stamps thoroughly, or else you won't have a clear color
4) Apply pressure directly from the top, do not wiggle the stamp, or else you'll get lines from the edges.

In the end, they came out decent enough to send out, but I can't say they're my best piece of work.


{final product}

Hint: The nicer the card you got from me - the more I like you! (just kidding.... sort of)