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December 20, 2010

A Dollhouse Christmas

Yesterday, I had my old roommates over for a very Dollhouse Christmas brunch!  Although we were missing a couple girls, it was great to catch up just the four of us.  I hadn't seen Elise in over a year!!  We got right to it and started off with bagels, a frittata, fruit, and candy cane martinis (we don't mess around, vodka before 12:00 is OK in our books).

{candy cane martini}

After we stuffed our faces and I had to unbutton my jeggings (yes, that happened), we exchanged presents and then began our elf work making gingerbread houses! 

{elise giddy over her glam bedroom candle} 

{trying on her new scarf}

{selfish gift: one you can use as well as the person receiving the gift}

Making gingerbread houses took a lot of effort and definitely was not easy (at least for Caitie and I). Even though our house came out the best- with shingles, christmas lights, and hedges leading up to the front door (hahaha), we ended up with a collapsed roof.  On that same note, Elise and Ali's houses didn't even make it onto the elevator before deteriorating.  I think it's safe to say none of us are architects...

 {the art major at work}

{elise's work in progress- obvi stole our shingle idea}

 {CH diligently working on our perfect house}

 {Ali's house before}

 {natural disaster caught on camera}
{making some big decisions}

 { "i love icing"}
 {elise's house}

{the best house}

 {complete with abominable snowman}

All in all it was a festive and fun Dollhouse reunion.  Definitely a yearly tradition.... different Christmas activity next year? I think yeesss.