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November 8, 2010


I am currently OBSESSING over this Oly Studio Pipa cocktail table. 

I have been living in my apartment with no couch for over six months, and have been spending that time dreaming about what my "living room" (I live in a studio apartment) will look like when it is finally complete.  My biggest problem: I kind of have expensive taste.

I first saw the table here on the Design*Sponge sneak peek at Amie Corley's St. Louis home and have been dreaming about it ever since.  At $2,500 (come on! Its resin!!), the coffee table is about $2,500 over my budget.  I have been searching for a cheaper alternative ever since, but nothing seems to come close, it's just too perfect.  So clean and perfectly textured.  I love it in Amie's home with some white accents.  If you take a look at the entire house tour on Design*Sponge, you'll see one other piece that I love that I actually CAN afford.

Thank god for Ikea -- the Trollsta sideboard.  I have great plans for you, sideboard.  Three glamorous mosaic mirrors on the wall to bring in a bit of sparkle, my purple artichoke vase, and some fresh flowers to make you feel right at home.  At $349, it might not be as much of an investment piece as the Pipa Cocktail Table, but it will still make me smile.  Here's a look at what Amie did with the Trollsta side table.  Who would have guessed it was from IKEA?!

I already have my mom in love with it and have given her a great christmas present idea......