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November 6, 2010

A Charming Love

I'm a sucker for loooooooove. Yes, I'm the creep that reads the wedding articles in the New York Times.  Weddings are just the happiest thing you can celebrate.  Last month, I was lucky enough to watch two of the coolest people I know tie the knot on the most perfect October day in Ocean City, MD.  Up until she put on her (handmade) dress, I was sure Kerry was just one of those people who was too cool to get mushy on her wedding day.  The minute I saw her eyes swell when she saw herself in the mirror, my heart melted.  If Kerry was in love, then I was in love.  October 2nd was one of the happiest days of my life!

All weddings are beautiful.  But every time I have been at a wedding, I find myself fantasizing about my own wedding day, and the things I would do differently or things I would do the same. Kerry and Casey's wedding was perfect. There was not one thing that I would change.  My favorite thing about it was that it was just so comfortable and intimate, much like Kerry and Casey themselves.  No large venue where thousands of other couples have gotten married before, no loud DJ telling you when to clap, when to stand, when to dance, and when to eat.  Everything meant something, and that's what I loved. Everything went so smoothly and unfolded as it should (including a dance party that got a litttttle out of control).  And for being a super creative and perfectly put together person, I am still in shock about how calmly Kerry handled every aspect of her wedding.  She didn't even know what her flowers looked like until they were handed to her!  I hope that if I am lucky enough to attend my own wedding, I can stay just as cool as she did (which I know is EXTREMELY far fetched).

Words really cant describe my obsession with Kerry and Casey's wedding, so instead I'll just show you.

{getting ready}

{freshest flowers}

{the handmade dress}

{Mags the makeup artist}
{final touches}

 {kerry and casey}
 {bridal party}
 {cutest bride in the world}
 {boat ride}
{arriving at the reception}
 {the ride}

{boat ride across the bay to the reception}

{pumpkin cake}

{all homemade -Yes, I tasted them all}

{homemade treats}

{starfish printed wax}

{pepper jelly}

{sign with the map of OC that Kerry hand painted on the invitations}

{Mags and I}

{small talk}

{Summer and Mags}

{front yard}
{cousins + coco}

And finally, my favorite part of the wedding.  Such a subtle detail that I didn't notice until I got my thank you card:

One is on the invitation and one is on the Thank You card.  I am speechless.