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October 10, 2010

Hunter Lake

A couple weeks ago, over one of the first crisp weekends of the season, my friends and I packed our bags and headed up north to Hunter Lake in the Catskill Mountains for a weekend.  We planned on a girls weekend filled with sweats (there was no heat in the cabin!), wine, food, and entemann cakes. We stopped at Trader Joes and filled our basket with soup, frozen pizza, tahini free hummus (a LOT of tahini free hummus), and a selection of wines, and we were on our way.

The weather was perfect and although we meant to spend the weekend just the three of us, we happened to make some friends out on the lake, who we later joined forces with to put together an amazing BBQ feast and s'mores!


 {the last of bare feet}

 {improvised canoe wine bucket}

 {bocce ball}

{so outdoorsy}


{new friends}



{hiking to the waterfalls}



{drunk driving}

I think it's easily going to become an annual tradition to take the trip at the start of fall.