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September 21, 2010

Who Dat

In just two weeks, one of my favorite people is getting MARRIED!  She's got her cool,  but her wedding is filled with things that I love and I almost think I'm more excited.  My best friends, the beach, handmade invitations, ranunculus, homemade fruit preserves, LOVE - it's just the best thing ever.  In addition to all of this, Maggie decided to host Kerry's bachelorette party in.... NEW ORLEANS. In my world, New Orleans is "the one who got away".  I have definitely been in love before, and I can say that the feeling I get walking on Magazine Street in the historic Garden District of New Orleans is my second true love (sorry New York). I can't tell you why, but it happened when I first visited 6 years ago, and it is the very reason I easily decided to leave my family and friends to attend Tulane University.  (How this city became "the one that got away" is a complete different story that I do not wish to discuss.  Let's leave it at "Katrina").

First of all, it's BEAUTIFUL.  The architecture, the music, the attitude, the colors -- it's all so quanit and yet marvelous at the same time.  Every single thing on every single house is phenomenal.  I particularly loved all of the glass doors on the southern masnions.  It's like time stands still and everything is preserved as it was way back when.  One of my favorite things is that among the quiet, green streets, strung high above the delicate street car tracks, are the beads of mardi gras past.  Anywhere else, I would find this highly trashy and extremely tacky.  In New Orleans, its gorgeous.  They glitter in the light at the tops of the trees...remnants of the debauchery that takes place once a year (or twice.. if the Saints win the superbowl). 

I can't exactly brag about New Orleans as if it is "my" city, mostly because I've probably spent a total of 6 and a half days there in my lifetime, but I can give you a glimpse into our long, lazy, drunken bachelorette party weekend there.

{The Bachelorette}


{RyRy, Amanda, and Jerry}


{Cat Nap}

{Who Dat?}

{Breakfast at Cafe de Monde}

{Iced Cafe Au Lait}


{Mimosa Hot Tub}

{Watching the street performer}

{Happened to be the Southern Decadence Festival}

{Mags and the KITTENS}

{Best Bloody Marys EVER}

{Coco learning from a Pro}

{Team Kerry}

It was awesome.  Now I need some shoes for my dress for the wedding.  I only have a week to figure out how to look cute and not tower over the bride / bridesmaids / EVERYONE.
My life is SO hard.....