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September 12, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Its lazy, rainy days like today that make me miss college.  Don't get me wrong, I love living alone, but on a first-chill-of-the-season, gloomy, rainy Sunday, I wish I could climb out of my bed and into the living room in my my softest leggings and flannel and curl up on the couch with my best friends.  I think that was my favorite part of college. I mean - the night life at school was nothing compared to New York, and class was really just... class.  Campus was beautiful, but so is Central Park, and at least Central Park is only dangerous at night.  The same cannot be said for Ewing, NJ.

This dirty grey couch is where we spent about 40% of our two years at the Dollhouse:
{Ali, Caitie, and KP in Dollhouse Home Office}

Hungover, heartbroken, hungry, full, clean, dirty, sick, healthy, doing homework, crafting, sorority meetings, male strippers, this couch saw us at our highest points, as well as our lowest.

On that note, days like today are when I read the Screen Porch Story over and over again because I love it so much.  Ali wrote it for class one day, and then when we read it, we realized it was the finest piece of literature anyone had ever written.  I can't not read it and smile.  It warms me up inside like whiskey.  It most likely will not mean as much to you as it does to me, but it is our friendship put into words and I think anyone can appreciate true friendship. See for yourself:

"Ali -----

EED 400

Dr. Meixner

April 10, 2008


Sitting Indian style, first-day-of-spring sun warming my thighs, the white fan circulates winter out of the screen porch and out of my mind. I look across from me and watch Caitie, sitting cross-legged, pink toe nails waving at me, attempting to read a last minute chapter from a text book. To my left is Mina wearing neon orange shorts, a clashing yellow T-shirt and a toothy smile as she works her way through her second fried egg and lots of ketchup sandwich. The same question is racing through all of our minds- how can today, the first crispy green and blue day, be filled with studying and homework?

It is the first day, in a string of many, that I didn’t feel that nauseous twinge in my belly from waking up alone. I woke up in my living room, sofa bed pulled out, the three of us wrapped up in a melody of 5 blankets, 4 pillows, 6 arms and 6 legs with the Mean Girls DVD still playing on the television from the night before. Computers and phones formed a moat around the bed, tempting me to check my email, sign on AIM and look through my text messages. But I was quickly distracted by a tingle of warmth on my arm, which is when I noticed the stream of sunlight leaking through our living room curtains. I stepped right over the electronic moat, bridged by the laughter coming from the kitchen. “It’s gorgeous out!” Caitie exclaimed, “Breakfast on the porch!”

Now I’m sitting outside, feet dangling over the edge of my chair, my curls bouncing to the rhythm of a country song. Taylor Swift and the Wreckers, our artists of choice for the day, escape from the speakers as their twangy voices fill our heads with ideas on love. Caitie’s blue eyes glance over at me and she hides a smirk as we both notice Mina dancing along to the song. She catches our secret glance, bubbles over with giggles and the three of us break into song at the top of our lungs. Every breath, every ounce of air, escapes my body as I belt out “Tim McGraw” followed by a waterfall of laughter rushing out of our three bodies but merging into one gloriously harmonious sound. I catch my breath, my face reflecting the color of Caitie’s toe nails and look at my two best friends. Then I smile, a real all-of-your-teeth-showing, cheek-muscles-straining, eyes-twinkling, down-to-your-toes smile. Today is going to be a good day."

**you can read Ali's awesome blog here

Ali and CH, if I ever share the link to this beloved blog with you...
I love you to death
I dont even regret that night freshman year in our Mexicans and Border Patrol outfits at the Trenton hospital.
Maybe a little I do..
Thank you for being the best friends a girl could ask for.


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