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September 9, 2010

Birthday Brunch

I am a huge fan of birthdays, as long as they're not mine.  Two weekends ago (yes, I'm a lame blogger), I hosted brunch to celebrate two of my best friends 23rd birthdays!  The celebration was even more special because Aly also just got promoted!  Best birthday present ever.

We all tried our hardest to put ourselves together on Sunday morning after two nights of birthday celebrations in a row.  It was my first time ever hosting my own event all on my own (kind of - Dianna helped prepare!), and it is what I have dreamed of doing ever since I was crashing on Aly's couch a year ago without a home of my own.  I think it went pretty well for my first (and for not having a sink or dishwasher!)

{Birthday Girls}

{Breakfaast spread: Prosecco, yogurt, granola, bran muffins, berries, bagels, lox, basil and fresh tomato fritatta}

{I didn't have a sink or dishwasher so I resorted to plastic China - oops}
{Fresh flowers and homemade chocolate covered pretzels}
{Sarah Jill}

{mini cupcakes}

{Happy Birthday - love you both!}

I particularly lucky because these are the babes I grew up with!!  I don't know many people who are still extremely close to their childhood friends. From hiding cases of beer in closets, to passing out at family parties, to cutting school, we've experienced the best parts (good and bad) of growing up together. We all went our own ways, made it through college alive, and are here today to wander down the rest of the road together!