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August 18, 2010

The Ultimate Family Vacation

Currently, I am here

{view off the back porch}

Breckenridge, Colorado.

14 family members. 1 house. 2 minivans. Abundant noise.

My family has a liking to renting houses/apartments/cottages rather than staying in hotels when we go away. I have come to like this type of vacationing for many reasons. First of all, we usually rent a huge house. This allows for everyone to be around you at all times. I personally hate the stale cleaning product hotel smell and get kind of depressed at the end of the night when you have to all head back to your respective corners. Here, I can fall asleep on the couch watching TV, and when somebody wakes me up to go to bed - there is still a ton of laughter and good company all around me. Second, this type of set up allows for something that is one of the smaller things in life that brings me great joy-- eating breakfast in your PJs. I certainly do not want to wake up, shower, put my makeup on, get dressed, and then sit at a restaurant and be waited on to eat. A hot coffee mug is my security blanket, and what other way to enjoy it than in some soft PJs??

This is what I've been waking up to here
{Persian breakfast: tea, bread, jam, butter, hard boiled eggs}

There are a million other reasons I love family vacations, but the deck and sprawling mountains call. Take a look for yourself
 {Drive to Breckenridge from Denver}


 {The passing along of family heirlooms - a personal favorite part of the trip so far}

 {The perfect child}

 {Mountain flowers}

 {Sissy on the gondala}


 {Mona, Dad, and I}

{Awesome wildflowers on our hike}

 {Dad and Mona pre-hike}

 {Mona conquering Peak 8 - I'm a quitter}

{Touching the snow on the top of the mountain}

And right now - the sun is setting over the mountain peaks.
And I thought I was a beach girl. Love.