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I enjoy simple things: solitude, cheap sheet cake, and sunlight. I also believe that white is, in fact, a color. Bring me fresh flowers and we can be friends.

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July 30, 2010

putting it all out there

I always thought blogs were weird until I had a short period of time at work where I did almost nothing day in and day out.. which led me to the intricate blogging world.  Cooking blogs, decorating blogs, fashion blogs, dog blogs, health blogs, restaurant blogs, blogs about random people's lives I don't know... I started reading anything and everything.  And quite honestly, I'm intrigued.  Are people's lives really that cute and fun like the pictures they post.. or is the blog just a facade meant to make my life seem boring and lacking of any sort of creativity? 

I'm going to find out.

The main reason I've started blogging is because I used to drown myself in creative projects of any sort - painting murals on random pieces of wood, beading, photography, concerts, music, never food - but I plan on it. Then, the real world just snuck up and chained my ankle to a desk 5 days a week. I spent a year of my life at work, in train stations {I missed the train, missed my stop, or got on the wrong train an average of once a week}, or sleeping.

Now I'm here. New job, new apartment on the Upper West Side, and completely out of my element.  Overwhelmed by this city and what it has to offer, I hope this blog forces me to get out and see things, do things, and explore this city my way, whether I have to do it alone or not.

Here it goes!